Gomco 270

Gomco 270

The Gomco® Model 270 is designed for gastrointestinal drainage in the home, nursing homes, clinics or hospitals.

Product Features:

  • Lightweight for easy portability
  • Ideal for homecare use
  • Enclosed cabinet protects internal parts
  • Low maintenance
  • Hospital grade electric plug
  • Two levels of drainage (90 mm Hg & 120 mm Hg)
  • Positive shut-off collection system
  • Bacteria filter
  • Illuminated on/off switch and pump cycle light

MODEL 270 This Gomco unit is engineered to provide suction by alternating the expansion and contraction of air within a cylinder at regular intervals.

There are no moving parts, resulting in a quieter, more reliable operation. The unit is designed to operate for an extended period of time, while solid state controls help to assure mild suction.

This drainage unit includes two preset drainage levels (90 mm Hg and 120 mm Hg). The bacteria filter reduces environmental hazards by not allowing pathogens to enter exhaust gas, and helps to prevent fluid and aerosol contamination of the unit




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