Respironics PLV 102B

Respironics PLV 102B

The Respironics PLV-102b is a microprocessor controlled portable volume ventilator that is capable of ventilating a wide range of patients. The PLV-102b is well suited to transport and portable applications due to its small size. The ventilator is capable of operating off of three power sources; 120 volts AC, an internal 12 volt DC battery and an external 12 volt DC battery all of which are automatically switched by the PLV-102b. The PLV-102b provides Control and Assist-Control modes, both of which can be used with the Sigh mode and also SIMV


  • Adjustable from -6 to +18 cm H2O, which allows for use of PEEP up to 20 cm H2O.
  • Automatic, Continuous Sensitivity Corrections for barometric pressures changes.
  • Six Alarm Codes assist in troubleshooting.
  • Features Control and Control-Assist Modes with optional Sigh and SIMV mode.
  • Small, Lightweight size for transport and portable applications.
  • Capable of ventilating pediatric and adult patients.
  • Multiple Power Sources include 120 volts AC, an internal 12 volt DC battery and an external 12 volt DC battery.


Weight: 28.2 lbs

Dimensions: 9”H x12.25”Wx12.25”d



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