Respironics 920M PLUS-PR (refurbished)

Respironics 920M PLUS-PR (refurbished)

The 920M Plus handheld pulse oximeter provides on-the-spot oximetry readings, and are designed to be easy to use for both healthcare professionals and patients. They feature a bigger display, better performance and a 72-hour memory. The soft, rubberized cover slides away for easy access to batteries, and may be used with a wide variety of finger and ear sensors for adult, infant and neonatal patients.

Product Features:

  • New design is smaller, lighter and easier to carry
  • Four AA batteries typically last for 100 hours of use
  • Expanded memory -- up to 72 hours -- for longer studies
  • Easy two-button operation controls all functions
  • Larger display is easier to read and understand
  • Full line of sensors are compatible with sensors for 920M model
  • Interfaces with Profox software
  • Battery light gives you a clear indication of battery condition
  • Profusion light indicates a proper connection

Charger Base is NOT included.


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