PROFOX Oximetry Software

PROFOX Oximetry Software

PROFOX Oximetry Software (PO) works with a variety of pulse oximeters and will collect and report up to 72 hours of oximetry memory data.

PROFOX gives you flexible reporting for oxygen prescription studies, ICU monitoring, exercise testing, spot checks and continued justification of supplemental oxygen or respiratory support.

PROFOX's easy-to-read, easy-to-interpret reports can:

• Help your patients see the results and effects of compliance with therapy

• Allow easy evaluation of the effectiveness of various therapies

• Validate and document therapeutic effects for insurance purposes

• Make it easy to comply with the requirements of third-party providers

• The software has automatic desaturation event scoring and data analysis. You can change many of the scoring and report features, such as the level defining desaturation events.

• The software provides a variety of graphic and tabular reports with statistical summaries. These reports:

• Are chart-ready 8-1/2 x 11 inch, with wide left margins to accommodate chart-folds.
• Have large print so they can be easily read after being copied or sent via fax.
• Can be printed in color, sent by FAX directly from the computer, and the reports can be previewed on the computer screen.
• Satisfy the latest Medicare guidelines for both supplemental oxygen and BiPAP (the longest continuous time spent with saturation less than 89%).

• Report headings (titles) can be easily changed and saved. Up to 30 different headings can be saved so you can report tests for other facilities.

• You can generate reports for multiple patient studies from a single download.

• The software automatically tracks the editing and report status of each study.

• You may view and edit studies to remove undesired periods, and edited studies may be stored separately. Editing is the most precise available, using full-screen capabilities with multiple time scaling from five minutes up to the entire study.

• Studies containing periods with and without respiratory support may be separated and reported individually.

• The programs allow viewing the patient studies by name alphabetically, as well as by date and time of the study.

• The reports can be printed in English, French, German, Spanish or Swedish, and the date format can be changed to MM/DD/YY, DD-MM-YY or YY-MM-DD.

• The reports can also saved as an Adobe Acrobat (PDF) file that can be emailed to others for easy viewing or printing. The Summary Report can also be saved in ASCII or rich text (RTF) formats for export to electronic charting.

• Studies may be converted into ASCII (text) format, for importing to spreadsheets or databases.

• The programs include algorithms that can be used to detect aberrant data points.

Compatible Devices
PROFOX Oximetry Software (PO) Compatible Devices
Burdick OXY-200
Criticare 504US and 504DX (English & French)
Datex-Ohmeda 3700, 3740, 3800, 3900, 3500 TruSat
Dolphin Medical 2100
GE Healthcare TruSat
Invacare 735 Fingerprint Sleep, IRC 750, IRC 775
Invivo 4500 plus 4, Scout ES
Masimo Radical, Radical 7, Rad-9, Q-400, Rad-8, Rad-87, Rad-5 and Rad-57 Handhelds
Konica Minolta Pulsox-3 Series, 300i
Nellcor N-45, N-200, NPB-290, NPB-295, N-395,
N-550, N-560, N-595, N-600, N-600x, N-600 with SPD, N-3000
Nonin 2500 PalmSat, 3150 WristOx2, 3100 WristOx (all features), 4000 Avant, 7500, 8500M, 8600M, 8800, 9600 Avant and 9700 Avant
Novametrix 513, 520A Oxypleth, 2001 MARS
Philips Digital M4529A
Respironics 920M, 920M Plus, WristOx (All Features)
9600 Avant, 7500
Siemens MicrO2+
Smiths (BCI) 3302, 3303, 3304 AutoCorr, 3402 MiniCorr, 3403 Fingerprint Sleep
PROFOX Respiratory Oximetry Software (PRO)
Compatible Devices
Datex-Ohmeda 4700 and QuickCap
Medtronic LifeCap, LifeCap Plus
Nellcor NPB-70, NPB-75
Nonin 8800
Oridion Capnostream 20, Microcap, Microcap Plus
Smiths (BCI) Capnocheck Plus, Capnocheck Sleep




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