PEP Ultra BiliLight Model 2000

PEP Ultra BiliLight Model 2000

The PEP Bed is simple to operate. It opens like a suitcase and sets up in less than one minute. It's sturdy due to its uniquely rigid, triangular design and has no loose parts or assembly required.

Product Features

Improved Parent/Baby Bonding

Because of PEP’s intensive bright light therapy, moms and dads have greater freedom to take their baby out of the PEP Bed from time-to-time for cuddling, bonding, feeding. There are no cumbersome tether-cables or nuisance infant restraint garments – no restrictions.


The PEP Bed emits no UV light.

Thermostatic Controls

The PEP Bed is the only is the only phototherapy device on the market that incorporates thermostatic controls to monitor the baby’s environment within the unit. Sensors guard against extremes of temperature and alert care-givers when to adjust the room temperature. Addresses clinicians’ concerns regarding hypothermia or hyperthermia in newborns.



Weight 14 Lbs





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