Ohmeda/GE BiliBlanket Plus

Ohmeda/GE BiliBlanket Plus

Lightweight, fiberoptic pad delivers up to 45 microwatts of therapeutic light for the treatment of jaundice while allowing the infant to be swaddled, held and cared for by parents and hospital staff. The compact unit is ideal for hospital and homecare.


Product Features

Allows infant to be swaddled, breastfeeding, and bonding all while infant is receiving phototherapy

Light Filtered to Deliver Only Blue-green Light to Pad

Harmful UV and IR light are filtered out, reducing need for eye patches

Reduces Potential for Insensible Water Loss

Infant not exposed to hot, bright light as with bank lights and spot lights

Safety Features

A cooling fan, safety thermostat, and air flow failure alarm protects both the light source and the pad while maximizing bulb life.



Weight: 6.6 lbs


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