Newport HT70 Plus

Newport HT70 Plus

The Newport HT70 series of ventilators combine ruggedness, exceptional mobility, safety and ease of use for invasive and non-invasive applications. It has the clinical finesse to provide ventilatory support for infant, pediatric and adult patients whether in the hospital, longterm care, home care or transport venues.

The integrated battery system consists of two internal batteries that can provide up to 10 hours of operation at standard settings. The primary, detachable battery pack is “hot-swappable” on the go. It can easily slide out and be replaced with a fresh battery pack. The secondary internal back up battery provides power when 30 minutes of power when the primary battery is depleted.

The HT70 ventilators define ease of use. Everything is right at your fingertips on the front panel. There are no complicated menus or difficult sequences to follow in order to make any necessary adjustments.

The stylish exterior is made of rugged polycarbon materials that are nearly indestructible. The overall design
and structure provides a solid base that stands up to the harsh environment found in the world of transport
and homecare.


  • Volume and pressure control, pressure support
  • Remote alarm / central monitoring compatible


  • Integrated battery system, up to 10-hours operation
  • Internal dual micro-piston gas generator


  • Compatible with any standard NATO biochemical filter
  • 24/7 Clinical and Technical Support


  • Helicopter and Fixed Wing rated
  • Rugged construction
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