Nellcor N595-PR (refurbished)

Nellcor N595-PR (refurbished)

As the cornerstone of the revolutionary OxiMax® Pulse Oximetry System, the OxiMax N-595 Pulse Oximeter combines Nellcor's best-in-class pulse oximetry with the versatile OxiMax monitoring platform. The motion-tolerant OxiMax N-595 Pulse Oximeter is equipped with Nellcor's most advanced signal processing technology, which enables it to withstand the most challenging monitoring conditions with substantially greater accuracy than conventional pulse oximetry.

The N-595 Pulse Oximeter also includes SatSeconds™ Alarm Management technology, an innovative feature for managing nuisance alarms without sacrificing patient safety. Highly Advanced Motion-Tolerant Technology.

The OxiMax N-595 Pulse Oximeter incorporates Nellcor's latest algorithms for conquering these difficult conditions. That means you can expect accurate, reliable operation in a wide range of patient situations, even when faced with patient motion and low perfusion at the same time.


  • Monitors neonates through adults
  • Convenient selection of alarm limits
  • User-selectable fast-averaging mode
  • Onscreen viewing 48 hours of SpO2 and pulse rate trends


  • Measurement Range: SpO2 - 1% to 100%; Pulse Rate - 20 to 250 beats per minute (bpm); Perfusion Index - 0.03% to 20%
  • Accuracy Saturation (% SpO2: ±1 SD): Without Motion - Adult 70% to 100%, Neonates 70% to 100% ±3 digits; With Motion - Adult and neonates 70% to 100% ±3 digits; Low Perfusion - 70% to 100% ±2 digits
  • Pulse Rate: Without motion - 20 to 250 bpm ±3 digits; With Motion -  Normal physiological range (e.g., 55 to 125 bpm) ±5 digits; Low Perfusion - 20 to 250 bpm ±3 digits
  • Dimensions: Weight - 5.7 lbs (2.6 kg); Size - 3.3" H x 10.4" W x 6.8" D (8.4 cm x 26.4 cm x 17.3 cm)
  • Displays/Indicators: High quality LCD graphical screen.  Plethysmographic waveform or magnified view.  Visual indicators: pulse search, audible alarms silenced or of, artifact indicator, low battery and battery charging, sensor off, sensor disconnect and SatSeconds clock
  • Alarms:  Audible and visual alarms for high/low saturation pulse rate.  SatSeconds alarm management settings: 10, 25, 50 and 100 or off.  Audible and visual indicators for low battery.  Audible sensor disconnect alarm.  Displayed saturation and pulse rate alarm limits.
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