Puritan Bennett Companion 1000, 1000T, 550, 500

Puritan Bennett Companion 1000, 1000T, 550, 500

The companion portable is compact, lightweight device that provides you with a portable supply oxygen.  You will fill the portable from the companion stationary unit.  Portable units include the Companion 1000 (a one-liter model with a maximum flow rate of 6 liters per minute [L/min]) and the Companion 1000 Transport (a one-liter model with a maximum flow rate of 15L/min).  Smaller portable units include the Companion 500 (a half-liter model) and the Companion 550 ( a half-liter model with a pneumatic demand valve that can roughly double your available use time by allowing oxygen to flow only when you breathe in).

Product Features:


  • Vent Valve:  used to fill the unit.  Pull down the vent valve lever to fill the Portable when it is connected to a stationary unit.  Return the vent valve lever to its original position to stop the fill.
  • Fill Connector: used to connect to a stationary unit.  The female fill connector is located on the bottom of the Portable.
  • Flow Control Knob:  used to set the correct oxygen flow to your prescribed rate.
  • Contents Indicator: located on top of the Portable.  Unsnap the plastic buckle and lift the unit by the end of the carrying strap that is closest to the indicator.  The pointer indicates approximately how much oxygen remains in the unit.
  • Oxygen Outlet: the connection point for the cannula that delivers oxygen for breathing
  • Moisture Cup and Pad: (companion 1000 T only) helps contain moisture that forms when liquid oxygen is warmed to a gaseous state.
  • Carrying Strap: an adjustable strap that enables you to wear the unit over the shoulder.  You may also engage the plastic buckle in the carrying strap to create a short carrying handle.  Use the strap to measure the contents of the Companion 1000/1000T.

Companion 500/550

  • Vent Valve: a lever-operated valve used to fill the unit.  Upon connecting the Companion 500/550 to the stationary, begin the filling sequence by opening the vent valve and end the fill by closing the valve.
  • Flow Control Knob: an adjustable, rotary valve that controls the oxygen flow rate from the unit.  Set the flow control knob to the oxygen flow rate prescribed by your physician.
  • Oxygen Outlet Connector:  the point where you attach the oxygen supply tube to receive oxygen flow from the portable unit.
  • Contents Indicator:  an internal, weight scale mechanism that measures the amount of liquid oxygen in the unit.
  • Fill Connector: allows transfer of liquid oxygen from the stationary unit to the Companion 500/550
  • Carrying Strap: an adjustable strap that enables you to wear the unit over your shoulder, or used as a handle.





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