Helios H850 Marathon

Helios H850 Marathon

The H850 Portable is a lightweight portable liquid oxygen unit that can be used as a 24 hour per day interface for oxygen therapy patients. The H850, when used with the HELiOS Reservoir, provides an integrated oxygen delivery system. When the patient fills the H850 with liquid oxygen for ambulatory use, it provides about 22.5 hours of oxygen at a flow setting of D1.5 using an integral 4:1 conserving module. For sleep and sedentary periods at home, the patient attaches a flexible oxygen supply tube from the Reservoir to the H850 (demand mode only). This enables the patient to breathe gaseous oxygen and minimize normal evaporative losses from the Reservoir.

Product Features

Since the H850 is intended to be used by the patient continuously, it can be carried or positioned  in various ways to accommodate a wide range of daily activities.

  • The controls are large and clearly labeled.
  • The flow knob makes a noticeable snapping sound between settings and has large, easy to read numbers.
  • Flow settings C1 through C6 provide continuous oxygen flow while settings of D1.5 through D4 provide demand flow at a 4:1 conserving ratio.
  • The vent valve lever, located on the back of the H850, faces the patient during a fill for easy opening and closing.
  • The tubing connections for the dual-lumen cannula are easy to use and are protected from breakage by not extending beyond the case.

For ambulatory use, the H850 can be filled from the HELiOS Reservoir or from a Puritan Bennett Companion Stationary Reservoir. Due to the lower operating pressure of the Companion Stationary reservoirs, however, the H850 may take a wait time in excess of 60 minutes after fill for accurate oxygen flow. The H850 typically holds two pounds (0.9072 kg) of liquid oxygen. A full H850 weighs 5.6 lbs. (2.54 kg). A simple mechanical display, based on the change in weight from full to empty, indicates liquid oxygen contents when the patient lifts the unit by a strap. The H850, when filled with liquid oxygen, can be used in the normal upright position or in the warning label down position.


Height 15.2 in./38.6 cm

Empty Weight 3.6 lbs/1.63 kg

Full Weight 5.6 lbs/2.54 kg



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