Cryofab CHD 425

Cryofab CHD 425

Dimensionally, the tanks are fabricated to fit into enclosed vehicles and open bed trucks with excess room for other related items. A heavy duty and thermally efficient interior support system makes this product ideal for over the road deliveries and transport over long distances without the worries of lost product or structural failure

Product Features

  • Enhanced suspension system for extended service life
  • User friendly plumbing for operation and maintenance
  • Common vent stack for simple pipe-away connections
  • A mounting scheme that is quick and easy
  • Structural dimensions that fit easily into enclosed vans
  • Liquid level gauge that reads in liters and pounds
  • Piping components that can be replaced without solder joints
  • Designed and manufactured to DOT 4L specifications
  • Stainless steel front head for welding integrity and cosmetic improvement
  • Regulator on the pressure builder for liquid savings and unattended operation



Dimensions: Dia 36” x H 38.5” x L 56”

Weight: Empty 630 lbs, Full 1,700 lbs

Capacity: 450 liters




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