Sherwood Kangaroo PET

Sherwood Kangaroo PET

The KANGAROO PET™ Enteral Feeding Pump is a small, lightweight pump that can be used with a convenient backpack and carrying case. This makes the KANGAROO PET™ Enteral Feeding Pump ideal for Ambulatory use. For safety the KANGAROO PET™ Enteral Feeding Pump includes an overinfusion safeguard as well as both audio and visual alarms.

Product Features

For ambulatory enteral patients Portability makes the KANGAROO PET™ Enteral Feeding Pump great for patients who are on-the-go

Lightweight Easy to carry

Loading arm locks into place Prevents pump set from being dislodged even when the pump is being carried in a backpack

Overinfusion safeguard Prevents the uncontrolled flow of nutrition to the patient Permits intermittent delivery Allows for bolus feeding which mimics regular nutritional intake

Retains flow rate setting in memory for 16 hours after pump shut-off No need to reset the pump every time it is turned on

Carrying case can be worn as a backpack or shoulder pack Allows for flexibility in use while carrying case VELCRO™* close flaps on carrying case For easy placement or replacement of feeding sets

Freestanding frame - no need for I.V. pole Can be charged anywhere


Power Supply: 14-hour battery Allows the user to receive nutrition all day away from a power source




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