Sherwood Kangaroo 624 Control

Sherwood Kangaroo 624 Control

The Kangaroo Control Enteral Feeding Pump is designed to infuse a regulated flow of nutritional formula into patients who lack a desire to eat or are unable to adequately take in oral nutrition. The Kangaroo Control Pump offers an Auto Prime feature a locking loading arm that makes it very difficult to dislodge a pump set. The Kangaroo Control Pump is lightweight and compact and has a 16 hour memory and battery.

The pump has no flush capabilities. VTBD Volume to be Delivered denotes how much formula a patient will receive during a given feeding

Product Features

  • Accurate volumetric delivery: Ensures the patient receives the prescribed nutrition.
  • Overinfusion safeguard: Prevents the free flow of nutrition into the patient.
  • Touch panel control / rate control knob: Makes the pump very simple to use.
  • High visibility LED display: Provides easy-to-read information.
  • Built-in pole clamp: For easy hanging on an IV Pole.
  • Retains flow rate setting in memory after pump shuts-off (16 hours for battery, 24 hours for AC): No more re-programming every time the pump is turned on.


  • 16-hour battery
  • Patient can be moved and is able to continue feeding
  • also ensures feeding during temporary power outage situations


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