McKelor Phoenix 1800

McKelor Phoenix 1800

The Model 1800™ Knee CPM provides effective continuous passive motion therapy to post-operative or injured knee. With an open carriage design and ability to accommodate adult and pediatric (petite) patients, the Model 1800™ is versatile and provides a proper anatomical fit. The analog dial control pendant is simple to program and allows staff and patient to change settings easily. Sturdy, mild steel construction, lightweight design and overall functionality make the Model 1800™ ideal for hospital and home environments.

Product Features:

Unique lift and bend motion provides proper anatomical fit, accurate range of motion and ultimate comfort for CPM patients.

  • Axis to axis motion, skid pad and bed stabilizing system prevents migration ensuring a precise fit.
  • The base of the unit is 28 inches in length—at least 9 inches shorter than comparable models.
  • The Model 1800™ hand-held control pendant features a classic analog design easily understood by hospital staff and patients.
  • Universal left/right design. Quick conversion from adult to pediatric. Units can be set up easily and quickly for conversion without the need for additional accessories.
  • Tested at weights exceeding 170% of the average patient’s limb weight


Knee Flexion: 110 degrees

Knee Extension: -5 degrees

Speed: 1 to 3 degrees/second

Pause: 0 to 30 seconds

Limb Length: 20 to 42 inches

Calf Length: 11 to 24 inches

Thigh Length: 9 to 18 inches

Power Supply: 110v

Unit Weight: 25 lbs.

Ship Weight: 38 lbs.



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