The IPV® Impulsator® by Percussionaire is a totally self contained Pulmonary Therapy System allowing COPD patients to continue daily professional quality, hospital administered IPV® therapy, “at home”.

The IPV® Impulsator® was designed to allow pulmonary patients of all ages with Cyctic Fibrosis, Bronchitis, Asthma, Bronchiectasis, Pulmonary Emphysema and other pulmonary diseases to maintain daily hospital quality IPV® treatment schedules at home.

The IPV® clinical concept was conceived, as well as the IPV® administration devices designed, to provide for a total Bronchiolar-Alveolar Lung Recruitment. Lung management is gained by re-establishing the existing limited alveolar air exchange, while equally important, enhancing the pulmonary blood flow during the pulmonary re-oxygenation process.

In other words, IPV® is a unique, long proven, total clinical cardiopulmonary recruitment and stabilization method and not just a method of treating the (shortness of breath) symptoms which are caused by the underlying pulmonary disease.

In summary, IPV® is an advanced composite of every practical historical means of mechanically and pharmacologically managing the symptoms of obstructive pulmonary diseases. HOWEVER, more important, IPV® was conceived to manage the maintenance of both Pulmonary and Bronchial blood flow during the process of managing Bronchitis with it’s associated swelling and secretion retention within the Bronchioles. While IPV® is directed toward the long term preservation of the Pulmonary Blood supply to the Bronchioles, as well as the Alveoli they ventilate, it serves toward keeping the Pulmonary airways free of retained endobronchial secretions reducing the work of normal breathing.

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