Respironics 1061418 AVAP w / Heated Humidifier

Respironics 1061418 AVAP w / Heated Humidifier

Premium BiPAP Therapy Device Treats Various Sleep Disorders

The Pr System One BiPAP Avaps is Respironics's premier BiPAP therapy device. Featuring BiFlex Pressure Relief, Digital Auto-Trak Sensitivity, and an enhanced memory package, the System One BiPAP machine covers all of your needs. The machine detects leaks and compensates for them with automatic pressure adjustments. Additionally, the System One Heated Humidifier, which comes with every Sytem One BiPAP, will mitigate the symptoms associated with traditional CPAP therapy.

BiFlex Pressure Relief

Bi-flex pressure relief alleviates pressure during your inhalations and exhalations, which makes your therapy resemble natural breathing. The System One will track each of your breaths, delivering adequate pressure at three crucial points in the breathing process: when you transition from exhaling to inhaling, when you're transitioning from inhaling to exhaling, and during exhalation.

System One Heated Humidifier

The Sytem One Heated Humidifier is Respironics' top of the line humidification system. The humidifier is compatible with the PR System One series of CPAP and BiPAP machines, which will provide you with additional comfort while you're sleeping. There are two different tubing options, so you'll be able to use a heated tube or a non-heated tube. The humidifier will help to protect against symptoms common in sleep apnea therapy, such as rainout, nasal congestion, and dry mouth.

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